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Google Ads

One hardly Doesn't need to introduce google to anyone, Google has 85% of the market share & Top 1 for the most searched website, Needless to say, that advertising my product/services on the Google platform will be every business's desire & aspiration.

If your business has never known the importance of google & Google ads its high time to reconsider after these facts,

1. Massive Search- Billions of searches are made every day on Google Search Engines. 2. Google It- Google is the most used phrase by everyone who wants information. 3. Harness Intent- There is always an intent, the eg customer only reaches to google with a predetermined question, he won't reach out on social media for the same. 4. Full Control of Campaigns- You can target the questions like who, whom, how much, when, where? 5. Bring Any Budget to Table- Minimum budget starts from 500 INR what else are you waiting for? 6. Maximum ROI. 7. Building Brand Awareness. 8. Analyse advertising strategy with Google Analytics. 9. Users' trust in Google- Advertising on Google goes through quality Tests beyond higher bidding, Quality matters you see because they matter for their users.

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